August 12, 2009

just ranting...

There have been tremendous persistent clamor for an update in this blog left in the dust for so long.

Hahaha… what a wishful thinking!!!

Thanks to occasional visitor probably brought here by mere curiosity but I seriously doubt if anyone has actually read anything here in full, just the same I think it’s about time I try to resuscitate this.

I’m not really a writer who can rant and rave on anything. I started this because of an epiphany that has long been gone. Other inspirations have also come and gone. I still don’t have anyone to muse about but I think I still have so many other things to rant about, so hopefully I can fill pages with all these things boiling inside. This has been one of my emotional drains after all.

The dictionary defines superstition as a belief or notion, not based on reason or knowledge, in or of the ominous significance of a particular thing, circumstance, occurrence, proceeding, or the like. As much as I would like to think and even to a certain extent deny this but a part of me is really that, superstitious in a way.

I have been troubling and agonizing over a decision these past few weeks more so in the last couple of days, and lo and behold I got this text message early this morning, The message is my horoscope for the day talking about me, that I “should take the leap of faith…” that I shouldn’t be afraid of change, for it will be for the better. Creepy, for this is exactly the fear that has been piercing and twisting my head over this decision.

Yes, indeed, this will be a leap of faith. I would like to believe I have the faith, I just hope to find the courage and strength to make the leap.