November 08, 2007

Life begins at 40...???

Age is but a number in the hands of time.
Just the same, I still got the jolt when I received a text message invitation to celebrate the 40th birthday of a childhood friend. The number 40 suddenly brought flashback of memories and what have been where at now and the foreboding realization of what could be from hereon...

Where I'm at now is something I'm proud about; knowing that where I'm at now has been shaped by what have been, whether it was pain or joy; they are all now sweet memories to be reminisced.

What could be from hereon is the story yet to be told.
Life they say begins at 40, I'm about to live it and hopefully the stories would be as sweet as what have been.

November 06, 2007

PinoyGay Blog Roll

Someone has inspired me to create this blog ;
that someone has long been gone and here I am still struggling to blog...

I've been following this blog - manilagayguy for quite sometime now and here I am now trying to link up with pinoygayblog hoping somehow to also inspire or even just make one think of this life.