March 22, 2009

Gubat sa paso...

ang aking pinagkaka-abalahan, gumawa ng gubat sa paso hehehe... :)

meet rosemary, minty green, oregani, sweet (basil), lemony and calamansi wahihihi :)

my morning coffee corner... :)

paso population, nearing 70!
somebody stop me please! lol :)


Jake said...

Wow!!! You're good in gardening! :)

furball said...

Buti ka pa you have the green thumb. I don't think I have it, although I haven't really tried it yet to confirm my suspicions. Hahaha

Pag na-over run na yung condo mo ng vines and leaves, to the point that you don't need curtains, then i think you know that it's time to stop na. hehe